Marktime 42722-1 Electronic Countdown Time Switches

Marktime 42722-1 Electronic Countdown Time Switches
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Marktime 42722-1 Electronic Countdown Time Switches Marktime 42722-1 Installation Marktime 42722-1 Control Panel Marktime 42722-1 Wiring Diagram

Marktime 42722-1 Electronic Countdown Time Switches

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* This Product is Now Obsolete
No Replacement Available

The MarkTime® 42722-1 Electronic countdown time switch, similar to the The MarkTime® 42723-1 model, provides quiet, convenient timed control of lighting and motor loads. This time switch features longer time delays for use over the course of the day.


The 42722-1 Electronic countdown time switch is an easy upgrade from any single pole wall switch. It adds convenience and reduces energy costs in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms and other light commercial applications. Not to mention, it’s perfect for automatic shut-off control of ventilation in high humidity areas such as: bath fans, whole house fans, interior and exterior lighting control.


• Timer settings at a glance with single button time control. Pre-set time delays of 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours allow for quick, simple operation.

• Manual Pushbutton Override provides manual ON/OFF switching at any time for added convenience.

• LED lights indicate proper function and add to ease of operation by clearly showing your current selection.

• White & ivory overlays included so you carry 1 SKU VS. 2; saving counter space & inventory costs.

• Fits standard wall box and replaces a single-pole wall switch for fast easy installation.

• Slim design blends in with wall plate for a discreet appearance.

Input 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Incandescent 500W
Fluorescent 200VA
Motor 1/3 Hp

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