Stonepoint LED Lighting GGL-50 LED Utility Light 4400 Lumens

Stonepoint LED Lighting GGL-50 LED Utility Light 4400 Lumens
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Stonepoint LED Lighting GGL-50 LED Utility Light 4400 Lumens

Stonepoint LED Lighting GGL-50 LED Utility Light 4400 Lumens

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* This Product is Now Obsolete

The Keystone GGL-50 LED Utility light has improved upon the previous version, the very popular GL-50.

This updated light has increased the diamater of the reflector to produce an even greater beam width while improving the efficacy of the bulb and therefore improving overall energy costs as well.  The GGL-50 only uses 55-watts and the heavy-duty aluminum reflector provides a 120-degree beam width.

These LED lights are prefect for the workshop, garage, or other space you might need utility lighting.

the GGL-50 comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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Keystone GGL-50 LED Utility Light Tech Sheet

By Michael

from Noblesville IN

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend or co-worker

4.0 Quick, easy and bright. Good not great. A step backward. Pricey.

If you have keyless fixtures and want a very quick and easy way to increase light output these are hard to beat. The light source is essentially a point, so combined with the brightness you will get significant shadowing. You can get better results for less with 4' shop lights if quick and easy aren't a priority. Hopefully competition will drive down the price. Margins have to be strong. The new design is a step backward in my opinion, particularly the smaller shroud, likely a cost cutting change - less material & smaller box = more per pallet from China. Old box was a pyramid which worked well. New rectangular box is just barely big enough to fit the reflector, so protection seems marginal. One of mine came with a dented shroud and scratches on the white plastic cover. It was actually packaged in a larger box with more protection, so I'm betting it was shipped from Keystone damaged (maybe a return?). Not worth the trouble to exchange. I have both old & new design in my garage. New design is more reddish tint. Original more yellow. Original reflector has slightly better horizontal coverage, shines a little higher on the wall if that's a concern. They are very bright. I hope this review helps someone.

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