Marktime 88P120 Plug-In Timers

Marktime 88P120 Plug-In Timers
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Marktime 88P120 Plug-In Timers

Marktime 88P120 Plug-In Timers

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This Mini Programmable Timer can automatically control your home electrical appliances to save energy, provide security, or numerous other applications. The timer can be programmed for up to 20
“ON/OFF” events per day for individual days or combinations of days. Time can be displayed in either “AM/PM” or 24-Hour formats. The programming of the timer is maintained during power
failures by an internal battery. When the timer is first installed, it is recommended that the battery be given an opportunity to charge for two hours before programming the timer.

Time Setting:
The correct time format (AM/PM or 24-Hr), time, and day of the week must be set prior to using the timer.

  • If the time is not already at the desired format, press “CLOCK” and hold until the display shows 12 H or 24 H. Press “HOUR” to select the new format. Press “CLOCK” to return to real time display.
  • Press “CLOCK” and “HOUR” to set the hour of the day.
  • Press “CLOCK” and “MIN” to set minutes.
  • Press “CLOCK” and “WEEK” to set the day of the week.

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