Marktime 88030 Plug-In Timers

Marktime 88030 Plug-In Timers
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Marktime 88030 Plug-In Timers

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This timer incorporates a LCD (liquid crystal display) which accurately displays the time of day in an AM/PM format. There are 8 possible “on/off” combinations that can be programmed. For security purposes, the timer has an additional feature that allows for a random variation of 2 to 32 minutes for each “on” and “off” time from the actual time programmed. Adjusting for Daylight Savings Time can be done quickly and easily. The programming of the timer is maintained during power failures by an internal battery. When the timer is first installed, it is recommended that the battery be given an opportunity to charge for a few hours before attempting to program the timer. 

Time Setting:

The correct time of day and day of week must be set prior to using the timer for the first time (in AM/PM format.)

  •  Press “CLOCK” and “HOUR” to set the hour of the day.
  •  Press “CLOCK” and “MIN” to set minutes.
  •  Press “CLOCK” and “WEEK” to set the day of the week. 

Program Setting:

There are 8 possible program combinations available.

  • Press “PROG” to enter program mode. The display will show a “1” and “ON” in the left side of display.
  • Press “HOUR”, “MIN”, and “WEEK” to program the correct day and time the timer should turn on.
  • Press “PROG” to set the timer for “OFF” time and day for “1”. • Press “HOUR”, “MIN”, and “WEEK” to program the correct day and time the timer should turn off.
  • If needed, press “PROG” to advance to the second (2) on/off setting.
  • If needed, pressing “R” will cancel the current setting, pressing “R” a second time will undo the change.

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