Marktime 74122AB Heavy Duty Timers

Marktime 74122AB Heavy Duty Timers
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Marktime 74122AB Heavy Duty Timers

Marktime 74122AB Heavy Duty Timers

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Marktime 74122AB is a 15-minute Heavy Duty Timer with a 28 AMP rating.

The MarkTime 70AB Series Heavy Duty Timer is suitable for saunas, jacuzzi’s and pools, heavy-duty blower control, track lighting, industrial machinery applications that require 28 AMP load.  The timer has an aluminum wall plate and black knob best for commercial environments. 


• Versatile time limits allow for quick, simple operation while providing the most effective energy management.
• Select models have a convenient hold feature to override automatic shutoff.
• For added convenience DPST and SPDT switching configurations available.
• Supplied with a knob, brushed aluminum dial, and wall plate.
• Fits double-gang wall box and replaces a single-pole or double-pole wall switch for fast easy installation.
• Proudly manufactured in the USA.



72130AB  60 Minute 
72132AB  2 Hour 
72134AB  5 Hour  
72136AB 12 Hour  
72144AB 15 Minute 
72146AB 30 Minute 
72131AB 60 Minute,With Hold  
72137AB 12 Hour, With Hold 


74112AB  60 Minute  
74114AB  2 Hour  
74116AB  5 Hour  
74118AB  12 Hour  
74122AB  15 Minute  
74124AB  30 Minute  
74113AB  60 Minute, With Hold  
74119AB  12 Hour, With Hold 

Aluminum Wall Plate & Black Knob Included


1 Year Limited Warranty

Input 120-240 VAC, 60 Hz
General Purpose 28 AMP
Motor 1 Hp

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Marktime 74122AB Heavy Duty Timers

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